7 Interesting Facts About Architecture

7 Interesting Facts About Architecture - Daily Construction Facts

Humans have been constructing shelters for more than 10,000 years. The profession of architecture developed throughout this period from the human impulse to construct, and in the process, it attracted a wide range of eccentric, imaginative, and tenacious people. It’s hardly surprising that architecture is full of intriguing and unusual tales given its lengthy history and profusion of colorful individuals.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 7 interesting facts about architecture.

1. One Of The Oldest And Most Renowned Occupations In The World Is Architecture

Building designs are created by humans using the art form of architecture. There are other materials needed to construct a home.

I.M. Pei, Michelangelo, and other well-known architects like Frank Lloyd Wright have all made their marks on history. Throughout history, civilizations have been shaped and defined by the art form of architecture. Architecture from a certain era may reveal a lot about its inhabitants and their scientific advancement. As a result, archaeology has always placed a high value on studying architecture. For instance, the architecture and town planning of the Harappan civilization has taught us a lot about that culture. To discover more about architecture, its history, and renowned structures and architects throughout time, keep reading! This is one of the interesting facts about architecture.

2. Previously, Architecture Was An Olympic Sport

151 medals were given out throughout the first 40 years of the modern Olympics in the categories of music, art, literature, sculpture, and architecture. The interesting facts about architecture are art was seen as a crucial component of the competition by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who revived the modern games and established the International Olympic Committee.

7 Interesting Facts About Architecture - Daily Construction Facts

The only restriction was that each contribution had to be about sports.

3. Penrose Tiling and Girih Tiles Have Mathematical Similarities

Both Have Been Used by Islamic Architects for Hundreds of Years, It was founded in the 1970s. Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematician, and physicist worked with a set of five tiles in the 1970s to produce designs with unique geometric qualities, leading to the term “Penrose tiling.” Over five centuries ago, Islamic builders built Girih tiles, but it wasn’t until 2007 that physicists Peter J. Lu and Paul J. Steinhardt showed they had many of the same mathematical features as Penrose tiling. This is one of the interesting facts about architecture.

4. Special Bricks Made By LEGO For Architects

Because Lego bricks have a 5:6 width-to-height ratio, when Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, the son of the LEGO creator, attempted to construct a Lego model of the home he was building, it didn’t come out to scale.

7 Interesting Facts About Architecture - Daily Construction Facts

As a result, in 1963, the considerably smaller Modulex brick was developed; it was built on perfect cubes. The bricks, however, were abandoned in the 1970s. Although many of us have seen spectacular Lego models of buildings and cities, Lego architecture formerly went by the moniker of Modulex.

The business started marketing a slightly different variation of its well-known modular plastic bricks in 1963. The interesting facts about architecture, is the Legos, known as Modulex, were created with the goal of enabling creative Lego enthusiasts to construct buildings that more closely mirrored real-world architecture via the use of finer detail and accurate scale. It was a fascinating experiment, but Modulex didn’t work out.

5. Elevator

Despite the fact that modern elevators hadn’t been created yet, the Cooper Union Foundation Building in New York City had an elevator shaft Elisha Otis first demonstrated his safety elevator in 1852 in London and installed the first successful passenger elevator in the five-story E V Haughwout Building in 1857. This is one of the interesting facts about architecture. Although they were left open in case of failure, none of these projects had a modern shaft. Peter Cooper, who had trust in elevator technology, had a cylindrical shaft erected in the Cooper Union Foundation Building in 1859.

7 Interesting Facts About Architecture - Daily Construction Facts

Otis subsequently installed a specially designed elevator. The Lower Manhattan Foundation Building for The Cooper Union was finished in 1859. Four years prior to an elevator being commercially accessible for use, this substantial six-story brownstone building in the Anglo-Italianate style with massive, decorative round-arched windows was the first structure in the world to be built with an elevator in mind. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science, one of the top private colleges in the country today, was founded by Peter Cooper at a period when New York was expanding vertically.

Peter Cooper anticipated that eventually, people would require elevators to access the upper levels. Without elevators, skyscraper construction would not have been conceivable. Although Peter Cooper, an inventor himself, was one of the first to act, it is likely that many other architects and engineers of the period shared the same sentiment.

6. A French Postman Built The “Ideal Palace” Over The Course Of 33 Years Using Stones He Found During His Daily Round

Ferdinand Cheval, a French postal carrier, spent 33 years picking up stones while carrying mail. These stones weren’t just ordinary stones, however; they were a unique kind of hardened sandstone that had been sculpted into amazing designs by time and water. He used these stones to construct Hauterives’ spectacular Le Palais Idéal. This is one of the interesting facts about architecture. The structure was given a cultural monument designation in 1969 because it is regarded as a leading example of naive art. Joseph Ferdinand Cheval spent 33 years building his mansion and another 8 years creating his own tomb.

7 Interesting Facts About Architecture - Daily Construction Facts

The two statues, which he built out of stones he collected while working as a mailman, are today regarded as masterpieces of unsophisticated architecture. Naive art is created by those who have not had official training in the arts and does not always follow a particular trend or style. Despite differing viewpoints, the Ideal Palace is widely regarded as the forerunner of this naïve art phenomenon and has been connected to Art Brut in several works. A total of 150,800 people from France and other countries visited the castle in 2013.

7. The Great Wall Of China Is A Massive Defensive Structure Built In Prehistoric China

The Great Wall Of China is one of the interesting facts about architecture. One of the biggest building projects ever carried out. The greatest piece of ancient building and the longest wall in the world. The magnificent Great Wall took insight, commitment, sacrifice, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

7 Interesting Facts About Architecture - Daily Construction Facts

The Great Wall, which has a total length of more than 21,169 kilometers, was continually constructed on the northern frontier of the nation from the third century BC to the seventeenth century AD as the major military defense project for succeeding Chinese Empires (13,170 miles).

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