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In the developing world, where infrastructure is scarce, construction businesses are an important source of revenue. The construction business is one of the largest businesses in the world. It employs hundreds of thousands of people and has a significant economic impact on the economy. With over 1.5 million people working in the industry, it generates $2.4 trillion in revenue each year. Construction is a very vast topic to cover, and the ignored one too.

To provide end-to-end information about construction that is helpful to construction professionals and consumers, we started Daily Construction FactsDaily Construction Facts is a universal platform that speaks about different aspects of the construction industry. Construction companies are responsible for building everything from houses to bridges to skyscrapers. The construction industry includes interior designers and architects from the creative part. Like every other sector, Technology and Machinery have made a tremendous change in the construction environment. We try to cover and enlighten every corner of the construction industry.

Daily Construction Facts talks about the construction business through the following sections: Buildings, Architects, Technology and Money, etc. Right from finalizing the land, and securing funds for it to handing over the aesthetically completed building falls under the construction industry. In the Buildings section, we talk about Building Safety, Structure, The Big Structures, Industry Trends, etc. Though Architecture is an individual branch, we feel construction is incomplete without it. So, we have dedicated a separate section for Architecture. We try to cover different Innovative and Creative Projects along with their photographs and portfolio. The Interior section talks about concepts and trends in the interior design industry.

Once again Technology has made the biggest transformation in the construction industry. The engineering upgradation has done wonders in the construction and buildings. Along with the Machining and Machinery trends, Daily Construction Facts tries to cover Engineering details.

Last but the most important factor in the construction business is Money. Many people see land/ houses/ property as an investment because it’s a physical asset. We try to guide people on their investment journey for asset generation. Finance is also an important factor, as bigger projects often require stronger financial support. Here we are creating a variety of connection information between the construction and finance industries.

Daily Construction Facts also shares News, Industry trends along with Press Releases from many global organizations.

We will be creating a single-point information bank for the construction industry. It’s rare to find answers to all questions that fall under this domain. Daily Construction Facts will be the first construction-verse platform.

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Construction is a Matter of Optimism. It’s a Matter of Facing the Future with Confidence.

- Cesar Pelli