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AutoCAD is a well-known 3D design, modeling, and drawing program. Civil, electrical, mechanical, and other engineers use it extensively. You can get the latest version of AutoCAD for free for both bit and bit operating systems.

With AutoCAD , you can create amazing designs. AutoCAD is available for free download. Users love this version of the program because of its user-friendly interface and creative tools. It comes with all new tools and functions. You can obtain regular updates for the application. This application has been updated with all new features and fixes. The application receives updates on a regular basis. Autodesk has continued to find ways to improve its best-selling CAD application and to surprise even the most devoted, long-time users with a slew of beneficial enhancements in its 25th major update of AutoCAD.

A new material library provides consistent materials across all Autodesk software. The Materials Browser makes it easy to search for materials in the Autodesk library or user-defined libraries. When working in model space, the first thing users will notice when opening AutoCAD is a new drawing window with a dark gray background. The typical dot grid has been replaced with horizontal and vertical grid lines comparable to engineering graph paper, which few people have ever used.

Above the ribbon bar, which has been modified as well, the Quick Access toolbar now features a drop-down for changing workspaces, as well as Save and Save As buttons. There are also several new visual styles, like the ViewCube, which may now be used even when working in 2D. All of these UI elements, of course, are entirely customisable.

The introduction of a number of handy object manipulation capabilities that were previously exclusively available to subscription clients is the next good change.

Object visibility is controlled using the Isolate Objects and Hide Objects tools, which are independent of layer visibility. A Select Similar tool allows you to select one object and have it automatically select all other objects of the same kind and with the same properties, all while maintaining total control over which properties to filter.

When you choose an object that overlaps other objects, the new Selection Cycling button in the status bar displays a little Selection panel so you can easily choose the proper one. A new Add Selected tool lets you quickly construct a new object in your design based on the attributes of another object. For example, instead of changing layers and then starting the PLINE command, you might simply put a new polyline on the appropriate layer.

AutoCAD also includes a new transparency parameter, which has been long requested. Transparency may now be applied to objects and layers in the same way as colors, linetypes, and lineweights can.

The new transparency parameter appears in all palettes and dialog boxes where other layer or object settings are controlled. The actual display of transparency can be toggled on and off using a new button on the status bar, similar to how lineweight can be toggled.

A new transparency property lets you apply transparency to objects and layers similar to the way you control color, linetype, and lineweight. Transparency can vary from 0 to 90 percent. You have to either click a preview button or click OK to accept the hatch and dismiss the dialog box to see the resulting hatch. Instead of a dialog box, the hatch creation tools now appear in the ribbon, and you can see the hatch pattern alter in real time as you adjust various variables within the context of your design.

The time savings potential is enormous. Thanks to this one new tool, I was able to complete a standard drawing in half the time. You can now build the hatch on a specified layer, and hatches can now have a background color as well as a line color, allowing you to create the impression of layering hatches in a single hatch object. Of course, hatches can benefit from the new transparency property as well.

Finally, a new command allows you to send all hatches beneath all other objects in the design, and a new setting allows you to mirror hatches without losing their orientation. Polylines and splines now have new grip editing possibilities as well. Polylines now feature extra grips that help you simply add, remove, or relocate vertices and transform straight polyline segments into arc segments, and vice versa, whereas users previously had to alter polylines using the laborious PEDIT command.

The list of new features in AutoCAD was topped by metric drawing tools, however those tools required you to manually set restrictions after creating the objects to which they would be applied. With the advent of inferred constraints, AutoCAD improves on those constraint capabilities. Toggle inferred restrictions on and off with a new button on the status bar, similar to executing object snaps. AutoCAD automatically applies geometric limitations as you draw when this option is activated.

If you draw a rectangle, for example, AutoCAD will automatically apply parallel and perpendicular constraints. If you utilize object snaps, AutoCAD will apply suitable limitations automatically based on the snap points you select. If you draw a circle by attaching its center to the midpoint of a line, the line will move with it if you move the circle later, and if you change the length of the line, the circle will move so that it stays at its midway.

Instead of having to input the name of an existing dimensional constraint when adding a new one, you can click on it to insert it as part of a calculation. Other enhancements include the ability to transform associative dimensions into dimensional constraints, improved visibility control for constraints, and a new Filters pane in the Parameters Manager that allows you to display only a subset of parameters while dealing with complex drawings.

A new status bar button gives you access to a new set of 3D object snaps that are separate from the traditional 2D object snaps, allowing you to snap to a vertex, the midpoint of an edge, the center of a face, and so on. Furthermore, 3D modeling tools such as Extrude, Loft, Revolve, and Sweep have been improved so that you can choose an edge or subobject to use as a profile or curve when generating a new surface.

The most significant 3D development is the addition of surface modeling. The curves used to build procedural surfaces can be associative, which means that if you change the curves, the surfaces will update to reflect the changes.

Although NURBS surfaces are not associative, they do have the benefit of being sculpted by manipulating control vertices. To take use of associative modeling, start with procedural surfaces and then convert them to NURBS surfaces for further modification.

Offsetting, filleting, trimming, extending, and sculpting tools are also available. Unlike Windows apps, which operate in separate windows with their own menus and ribbons, the Apple menu bar remains at the top of the screen and displays commands for whichever application is now active. AutoCAD for Mac uses several palettes docked to the left and right of the drawing canvas in addition to the menu bar. These palettes can be dragged around the screen, docked, and collapsed in a variety of ways.

The Drafting toolset, for example, has tools for drawing and editing basic 2D objects like lines, arcs, and circles; the Annotation toolset includes text, dimension, and table tools; and the Modeling toolset includes 3D drawing and editing capabilities.

Many tools are arranged into tool groups that can be extended and temporarily locked in their expanded form, and certain palette buttons include flyouts that display associated instructions. Control the number of viewports, select a named or preset view, and choose a visual style using the viewport controls in the upper-left corner of each drawing viewport.

Multi-Touch gestures, which may be utilized with a Magic Mouse or a Multi-Touch track pad, are another Mac-only feature. For example, a two-finger swipe on the track pad can pan the view of a drawing, pinch two fingers together to zoom in or apart to zoom out, and orbit around a 3D object by hitting the shift key and swiping the track pad with two fingers. Of course, you can zoom by spinning the scroll wheel, pan by pressing and holding the wheel, and orbit in 3D by pressing the shift key and scroll wheel simultaneously, exactly like in AutoCAD for Windows.

I had no trouble finding drawings on one of my networked Windows systems and accessing them on my MacBook Pro using Finder. AutoCAD for Mac includes the same parametric drawing tools as the Windows version, including implicit limitations.

The Mac version of AutoCAD includes the mental ray rendering engine, as well as the same materials library and Materials Browser palette as the Windows version. AutoCAD fully activated the latest version free download files are available for free in a single click from direct download link by clicking on the download button. AutoCAD latest version can be downloaded for free without any cost and trouble in just one click from high-speed servers via direct download link for both bit and bit versions.

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