Top 6 Interior Design Trends For Corporate Offices In 2022

Top 6 Interior Design Trends For Corporate Offices In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

It is reasonable to state that COVID-19 has altered the characteristics of office space – unquestionably for the foreseeable future and maybe permanently. Despite the fact that many individuals are still working from home, others have started going back to the office, even if it’s only a few days a week, and as a result, many workplaces have taken on a whole new appearance. In this article, we’ll see six popular corporate office interior design trends.

The most recent tendencies in office design have an emphasis not just on safety and comfort, but also on other aspects like color, texture, and sustainability. These tendencies are expected to continue far beyond 2022.

Here are some interior design trends for corporate offices in 2022;

1. A Sense of ‘Home’ at Work

The concept of the design and aesthetic of the workplace has altered in recent years as a result of the continued rise in the number of individuals working from home. The objective is to make those workers who are present at the workplace feel as calm and comfortable as they would if they were at home. This may be accomplished by providing comfort and safety on every level.

Top 6 Interior Design Trends For Corporate Offices In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

Designers may bring domestic characteristics into the workplace, such as comfy couches and chairs, features of soft lighting in common rooms, or artwork exhibited all over the office, to create an atmosphere that is secure, comfortable, and reminiscent of being at home. The installation of wood flooring in a room may give it a cozier atmosphere.

2. Flexible, Pod-Area Layouts

Many businesses have made the transition throughout the years to an office plan that has an open concept, and now, flexible workplaces and “pod-style” layouts are more significant than they have ever been. This is an amazing corporate office interior design trend in 2022.

When workers are in the workplace, they often look for secluded areas or enclaves in which they may continue working without fear of interruption. These open-office arrangements also offer more intimate, private spaces known as “pod areas” that provide sufficient workspace, chairs, and access to electrical outlets for workers, allowing them to comfortably conduct phone calls, take part in video conferences, or concentrate on research.

3. A Safe, Protected Workspace

Businesses and organizations are reconsidering the interior design trends and layout of their office space in order to offer a safe and protected working environment for their employees. This is in addition to complying with the recommendations provided by OSHA and the CDC. While the emphasis is on touchpoints (such as doorknobs and elevator buttons), many businesses are choosing hard surfaces and design components that can be readily cleaned, disinfected, and maintained. This is an amazing corporate office interior design trend in 2022.

This is because touchpoints are where people make physical contact with an object. In addition to indicators that socially distance workers from one another, hand sanitizing stations and signs that restrict room capacity are essential workplace features that contribute to employees’ feelings of safety.

4. Lighter Colors

The use of brighter hues with a combination of grays, greens, and neutrals is anticipated to be a trend in the interior design trends of corporate offices in 2022. (gray being one of the two Pantone Colors of the Year for 2021.) The use of flooring and walls that have lighter wood appearances coupled with flashes of color is a common choice in office settings that may make workers feel cheery and optimistic about their work.

5. More Natural Lighting

If it is at all feasible, one of the major corporate office interior design trends that will dominate in 2022 is the incorporation of a greater amount of natural daylight into the workstation. Consider the following alternative possibilities if your space does not have numerous windows:

Top 6 Interior Design Trends For Corporate Offices In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

Utilize lighting that is diffused. Put in artificial lighting that is designed to seem like natural illumination. Outside of windows, ground-level plants and bushes should be planted so that they may block the glare of the sun.

6. Sustainability & Green Options

Many modern office spaces now feature living walls (also known as green walls), which are real gardens and plant displays that are fixed to interior walls. You don’t even have to go as far as a full green wall; many offices are embracing more plants in general. Some spaces don’t have many windows or poor lighting, so incorporating greenery helps to add a bit of nature and bring the outdoors inside. Adding greenery can also serve as an accessory to the natural design properties of wood flooring such as engineered hardwood and LVT. Plus, plants in corporate settings are not only part of the comforting, home-like trend, but they also provide numerous health benefits.

Top 6 Interior Design Trends For Corporate Offices In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

For years, Manasa Kovvali Rao, Sustainability Data Manager, and Researcher at WAP Sustainability Consulting have emphasized the need for workplace green areas. “There are several advantages to incorporating plants into an office setting. Taking a break from difficult jobs and caring for plants might help to relieve stress. It also helps employees comprehend seasonal changes and their consequences on plants. This facilitates the exchange of information and experiences that would otherwise be impossible. This kind of knowledge and communication also aids in the development of an instinct to pick good options for living and eating, resulting in an overall healthy lifestyle.”

These are the most popular corporate office interior design trends in 2022.

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