The 5 Best New Age Architectural Projects

The 5 Best New Age Architectural Projects - Daily Construction Facts

The era of the “megaproject” has arrived in full force as such projects become an essential component of the landscapes of urban areas. You probably don’t give much thought to the architectural projects and infrastructural marvels of the globe, such as the Empire State Building, the Panama Canal, and the Regatta Hotel in Indonesia. These are just a few examples of the kinds of things that fall into this category.

It is easy to forget how challenging these projects are for engineers to develop, what with the National Geographic placing photographs on the map and now the Internet fueling quick access topics. There is a great deal of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the construction of a stunning building, bridge, or highway and byway.

Here are the 5 best new age architectural projects;

1. Jeddah Tower (Kingdom tower), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Jeddah Tower, which is scheduled to be constructed to a height of 1007 meters, is going to be the first architectural structure on the site to surpass the kilometer mark! It will feature more than 200 levels, and the observation deck on the 157th floor will be the tallest one in the world (26 floors have already been built up). It is expected to be finished in 2019, and once it is, it will have an observatory in addition to business space, luxury condominiums, and a Four Seasons hotel. There are 59 elevators and 12 escalators in the building, with 5 of the elevators being double-decker.

The 5 Best New Age Architectural Projects - Daily Construction Facts

The building’s architectural projects style is particularly distinctive, with an aerodynamic 3-sided form to deal with wind speeds and gravity. The building’s tapering design also serves to optimize rentable and useable space. The core of the structure is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. To minimize cooling loads, the external walls are built of low-conductivity glass. When completed, this project will replace the Burj Khalifa as the Gulf’s defining structure.

2. Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, Arkansas

As a result of Studio Gang’s design for the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, this cultural institution has been transformed into a prominent community resource. This was accomplished through the creation of a dynamic place for social interaction, education, and enjoyment of the arts.

The 5 Best New Age Architectural Projects - Daily Construction Facts

The design, which includes both new construction and renovations, works from the inside out to clarify the organization of the building’s interior while also extending AMFA’s presence into historic MacArthur Park, thereby opening the museum to the city of Little Rock. New construction and renovations are both included in the design.

3. Hekla Tower, Paris France

The tower in Paris’s most important commercial area, La Défense, which is 220 meters high, was designed by Jean Nouvel. Since 1982, when he came in second place in the competition for the Ark building in La Défense, the architect who also owns the French firm has had a long and fruitful association with the neighborhood. This connection spans thirty years. The Hekla building will have a total of 47 stories and will include both private residential apartments and student housing along with office space. The Hekla Tower is one of the architectural projects of the new age.

The 5 Best New Age Architectural Projects - Daily Construction Facts

The Hekla Tower is not only innovative in its architectural projects, but also in its approach to the working environment of its future workers. Hines and AG Real Estate, the project’s co-developers, have gathered a collection of youthful talents known as the “Creatives” around Jean Nouvel. Six people that exemplify French brilliance in sectors such as athletics, philosophy, universal accessibility, cuisine, design, and artificial intelligence have remarked on the everyday lives of the thousands of workers who will work at Hekla.

This collective exemplifies the ambition to fully rethink its working environment in a high-rise structure. Édouard Detrez (Entrepreneur and designer of the Fauteuil Roulant Français), Grégory Dupont (Physical trainer for the French football team, world champions in 2018), Julia de Funès (Philosopher), Marion Flipo (Chef and entrepreneur), Ramy Fischler (Designer), Rand Hindi (Data scientist and entrepreneur). By 2022, its 48 stories will house up to 5,800 workers and will significantly rebalance the skyline of Paris La Défense.

4. Santiago International Airport, Chile

The Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Chile is considered to be one of the most productive and up-to-date airports in all of Latin America and is one of the architectural projects of the new age. It serves as an essential connecting point between Europe, Oceania, and America. The increasing demand for flights prompted the Chilean Ministry of Public Works (MOP) to initiate a project extension of the infrastructures.

The 5 Best New Age Architectural Projects - Daily Construction Facts

This project includes the renovation of the existing terminal and the construction of a new international terminal, as well as the construction of a car park and other auxiliary buildings, water treatment facilities, and a power plant. Additionally, the project also includes the extension of the existing terminal.

5. Modern, Instabul Turkey

The ancient Beyolu neighborhood of Istanbul is home to the Istanbul Modern Museum, which can be found on the water’s edge on the western side of the Bosphorus Strait and is one of the architectural projects of the new age. The museum faces the Sultanahmet neighborhood. Between the historic city streets of the Galata district and the present port cruise terminal, there will soon be a new building that will take the place of the current one that is there.

The 5 Best New Age Architectural Projects - Daily Construction Facts

Between the ancient town to the west, the Bosphorus to the south, Tophane Park to the north, and the new Galataport waterside development to the east, which replaces the activity at the old pier, the new museum will become an urban focal point.

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