Top 10 Construction Tech Companies In 2022

Top 10 Construction Tech Companies In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

Construction Technology is having a greater than ever influence on the building sector. An amazing range of initiatives is assisting in the improvement of a sector that influences how every human on Earth can live their lives, from cloud-based collaboration and the development of digital twins to robots, super-materials, wearable technology, and pollution-eating buildings, and even artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, we’ll discuss the list of the top 10 construction tech companies in 2022.

A fad or a cool new toy, emerging building construction technology is more than that. Modernizing your existing procedures has beneficial, real-world applications. In order to stay competitive and avoid falling behind, construction businesses are figuring out how to incorporate new methodologies into their workflows and strategies. Modern construction technologies are fundamentally altering the way that the sector functions and how projects will be carried out in the future. The top new trends in civil engineering are listed below.

Here are the Top 10 Construction Tech Companies in 2022;

1. Doxel AI

Doxel is a business that provides a system based on artificial intelligence and computer vision that boosts efficiency for commercial building projects. Every aspect of a project is visually monitored by autonomous devices, and this information is subsequently fed into its in-house deep learning algorithms. Project managers may then respond to inefficiencies and increase productivity as a result of the algorithms’ inspection of installed work quality and real-time measurement of installed quantities.

Top 10 Construction Tech Companies In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

Doxel uses the most recent reality capture construction technology and automated 4D/5D BIM to provide Owners and GCs the tools they need to cut down on project delays, cost overruns, and installation quality in the field. Our AI-powered platform connects all data points with work-in-place monitoring technology using clients’ BIM, schedule, and budget in order to routinely and precisely assess percent-complete for all trades, reduce critical routes, and anticipate risk earlier.

Doxel was established in 2016 and has offices in Menlo Park, California, and is among the top 10 construction tech companies in 2022. It is financed by Insight Partners and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Visit to learn more.

2. Active Oversight

Offers a corporate quality management platform (QMS) built on the cloud called Active Oversight. By expediting the closeout process and empowering specialists to execute their jobs, Active Oversight lowers rework and boosts revenues. The company creates next-generation solutions, which are delivering a fundamental change in how projects are managed and monitored, by using cutting-edge technology like automation and AI.

Active Oversight is redefining the technology and is among the top 10 construction tech companies by raising the bar for performance and improving productivity, profitability, and, most importantly, safety. The foundation of the AO QMS platform is the business’s brand value, which is “consistency plus clarity equals quality.”

3. CSE Software® & Simformotion™

SimformotionTM LLC, a sister business of CSE Software® Inc., is situated in Illinois and designs, engineers, develops, distributes, and maintains construction technology-based training solutions, such as simulators and virtual reality (VR) products. Simformotion and CSE Software were both created by Ken Pflederer in 2009. The business invested in a machine and device training in accordance with Ken’s guiding principles and his desire for providing consumers with a “whatever it takes mentality.”

Top 10 Construction Tech Companies In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

Any project may be defined, designed, and deployed by CSE on time and under budget. The CSE team uses the best construction technology for each project to provide solutions that are tailored to the customer’s precise requirements. They excel in developing mobile apps, websites, custom software, and simulations. The business provides its customers with customer service round-the-clock. CSE Software® & Simformotion™ is among the top 10 construction tech companies in 2022.

4. Advanced Construction Robotics

ACR is a leader in the development of autonomous robotic machinery. By addressing the skilled labor shortage and raising overall production, our robots are revolutionizing the construction sector. Our solutions enable construction companies to satisfy a demand that is expanding very quickly. The mission of Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. is to lead the long-term transformation of the construction industry toward increased productivity, increased consistency, improved safety, and decreased schedule risk. The company does this by developing and commercializing a wide range of autonomous products using robotics and artificial intelligence.

Top 10 Construction Tech Companies In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

Since its start, ACR has been on the cutting edge of building innovation. Contractors have looked to ACR for assistance in integrating and are among top 10 construction tech companies as the sector becomes more aware of the benefits of robots in the construction industry. As we continue to lead construction into the next industrial revolution, the firm is represented in a number of significant organizations.

TyBot, an automated rebar-tying robot developed by ACR in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, may supplement and substitute manpower in the most crucial phase of bridge deck building.

5. Integrated Business Systems

Utilizing its 40 years of experience in creating and supporting construction technology solutions exclusively for commercial real estate practitioners, Integrated Business Systems is well-positioned to meet the need for best-in-class solutions for the construction, and development industry and is among the top 10 construction tech companies. IBS provides real-time access to information on any device, from any place, which further aids customers in overcoming the difficulties of inefficiencies associated with employing office-centric technology.

Its solutions streamline the operating process by integrating diverse data and minimizing mistakes or delays. The business begins by developing a platform, after which it moves forward with the phased adoption of features that continuously expand upon key skills and support continuous innovation in the field or at the office. The business works to give customers with better technological platforms in order to boost profitability and improve processes.

6. Bespoke Metrics

Four seasoned credit and financial professionals launched the data management and analytical model creation business Bespoke Metrics. The business is committed to creating a market solution that can handle various industrial problems. Bespoke Metrics seeks to advance the levels of standards along with the centralization of data and analytics in the business and is among the top 10 construction tech companies looking to sell a software package. To enable businesses to fully use their data, Bespoke Metrics combines experience in data management, model building, and user interface.

7. VIATechnik

VDC, BIM, computational BIM, virtual reality, augmented reality, scheduling, 4D, software development, and digital manufacturing are just a few of the services offered by VIATechnik, a world leader in virtual design and construction. Through digital platforms, the business hopes to revolutionize traditional design and construction, allowing effective design, industrialized building, and a digital real estate service model. VIATechnik is one of the best construction companies among the top 10 construction tech companies in 2022.

Top 10 Construction Tech Companies In 2022 - Daily Construction Facts

VIATechnik works to provide environments that foster life, business, and connections while also tackling the world’s housing and infrastructure problems. As a pioneer in high-end visualization, the business concentrates on developing a very lifelike virtual setting that replicates the processes of large building projects.

8. Swizznet

Both small and medium-sized construction enterprises may remove their requirement for IT assistance while gaining infinite mobility and scalability with Swizznet’s smart platform for accounting and business applications. For hosting complete business solutions and facilitating access to the customers’ accounting software to maximize the effectiveness of back office operations, the firm works with the top software and online applications on the market.

Swizznet provides cutting-edge Sage CRE hosting construction technology together with business-grade security, unmatched cloud hosting options, and complete company management tools. Brilliant management solutions offered by the organization provide a next-generation secure solution with any time, everywhere access and minimal IT worry. Swizznet is one of the best construction companies among the top 10 construction tech companies in 2022.

9. Zen Techworks

Zen Techworks provides enterprises in a variety of industries, among the top 10 construction tech companies in 2022, with IT solutions with unique features. The company’s IT assistance efficiently helps to maintain the timeliness of projects between architects, contractors, project managers, suppliers, and clients in the construction industry. By providing the necessary service, Zen Techworks helps its customers save a significant amount of time and money and recognizes the importance of using the proper construction technology in their IT infrastructure. Additionally, the organization works to integrate the customers’ business objectives with their budgets and plans for upcoming expenditures and projects.

10. Teknobuilt

Teknobuilt is a top supplier of construction technology solutions and among the top 10 construction tech companies in 2022, with a focus on using frontline execution to solve issues in the capital facilities market. The firm is dedicated to providing integrated products to customers by delivering the synergy of engineering, construction technology, and business systems. Through a complete platform, Teknobuilt offers value-added, cross-functional, innovative tools, processes, and methodologies. At every stage of the project and construction execution, the clients may connect and work together thanks to the company’s operating platform. Teknobuilt utilizes cutting-edge technological solutions to manage and reduce indirect expenses while providing other important and quantifiable benefits.

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